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From Supernatural Magazine Issue #33

  • SPN Magazine: What kind of atmosphere did Jensen create as a director, and how did he do?
  • Jewel Staite: Right from day one, Jensen was so organized and so calm. He's like that by nature. He's very in control and so relaxed. He's soft-spoken, lovely, and professional. A lot of the times we were ahead of schedule. We shot that fight sequence in an hour-and-a-half. Unbelievable, but he knew what he wanted. That was refreshing, and he's quite talented as a director. Jensen could have a really long career doing that. And he trusts his crew, too. Jensen isn't ashamed to ask for advice. He has confidence, but at the same time, he has no ego.

hunenka asked: I love Jensen because he is very honest, he doesn't hide behind some stage persona and he doesn't try to look 100% happy all the time just to please everyone. At conventions, you can tell when he's pleased by a question or somewhat annoyed by it, and sometimes he gets grumpy and sometimes he is deeply moved and sometimes he gets excited and goofy like a little kid, but you always know it's really him and his genuine reactions and I really, really appreciate that.



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